Things are getting worse for Wisconsin's unemployed including Jennifer

Matt Kittle was filling in for Jay Weber this morning. He introduced us to Jennifer Robertson of West Allis who like the over 151,000 Wisconsin unemployed residents are waiting for unemployment benefits or an administrative decision from DWD. Some 860,000 jobless claims had yet to be paid.

Robertson, a furloughed chef at a southeast Wisconsin college, applied for state unemployment benefits on April 6. She’s still waiting. Like so many displaced workers stuck in a dysfunctional system, Robertson is running out of time — and hope. “I’m on the brink of losing everything”

During the interview, we took a number of calls from our WISN listeners offering to help. In fact, one guy offered to pay two months of her mortgage. I wish we could do more for the 150,000 unemployed, but Jennifer's story really touched a lot of us. Below I've included links to Matt's stories but more importantly a link to Jennifer's GoFundMe page.

Things get worse for unemployed By M.D. Kittle

’10 WEEKS OF NOTHING’ By M.D. Kittle


Here's the link to Jennifer's GoFundMe page 10 weeks of nothing.

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