WI Rep Marc Pocan is the face of the progressive left and it ain't pretty

Jay Weber Show transcript 7:40 6-18-20

Wisconsin’s own rabid socialist progressive and perpetual game player Rep Marc Pocan actually introduced a measure in congress to prevent the Trump campaign from issuing coronavirus waivers that would be enforceable.

Any congressman can introduce any ‘bill’ into the record. That doesn’t mean it is valid, or viable, or going anywhere and the lawmakers who are mostly just rabid partisan game players-like Pocan-do this all the time.

It’s just to get the press attention so that they can then rant about the issue...or in this instance bash the president.Insist he’s killing people and spreading the covid-19...etc.

And true to form...Marc Pocan got his little moment in the spotlight yesterday...and used rhetoric and hyperbole that was so over the top that he can’t be taken seriously.

He is introduced legislation to prevent liability waivers from being enforced for indoor gatherings of 1,000 or more people in places where the 14-day COVID case trend is increasing. The “Refusal to Accept Losses or Liability In Every Situation Act” (RALLIES) Act would invalidate the liability waivers President Trump's campaign is planning to distribute at his rally at an indoor arena in Tulsa, Okla. on Saturday.

One million ticket requests were made for this rally and democrats would do anything to shut it down...and stop those images of massive crowds and swarms of trump fans circulating around the internet.

They can black it out in the MSM but not on line.

And if you doubt me- just wait a moment-we will get to how the lefties-ran to court- to try to stop this rally....

But first- let’s talk about Marc Pocan’s pathetic move here.

This is one of those issues and one of those blatant hypocrisies ...that make today’s democrats look ridiculous.

You’ve got the Democrat mayors looking like asses...defending rioting and looting and arson...and the taking over of a major city.

And you’ve got these Democrats like Pocan in congress-looking like asses...because they are echoing all of it...and coming up with other stunts out of the fever swamps...that the American people just roll their eyes at.

Such as this one.

For nearly a month now, Democrats haven’t cared about the coronavirus spreading. Their protests and looting were more important. Their virtue signaling and desire to create large crowds so they could trick the country into believing that this is anti-cop movement is a huge moment....has been more important.

And now they pivot on a dime and want to pretend that a few trump rallies are going to be the cause of hundreds of thousands of new covid-19 deaths?

Come on.

Who can even take them seriously at this point?

There has not been one instance-or one moment-over the last four weeks that marc Pocan expressed concern over the large protest crowds spreading the covid-19.

He hasn’t made a peep.

He didn’t introduce the: get back to your homes, jackass...act...of 2020.

Pocan didn’t introduce the:black lives spreads covid-19 act or the black liberals are killing people act...

Pocan hasn’t had-any problem-with these large protest crowds. He doesn’t really care about the spread of covid-19.

And he’s another Tammy Baldwin style back bencher lawmaker who hasn’t done a single constructive thing since he’s been in congress. Hasn’t had a single good idea...get passed into law that suggests he’s anything more than dead weight in DC.

But he’s the master of this sort of nonsense.

He’s a hyper-partisan hack...who managed to get elected to congress because he’s in such a far left district.

I am not kidding when I say inall of the years Pocan has been in congress I have never seen him add anything of value to any realissue or action. The only time he gets some attention is for cheap political stunting like this and this new-found alarm over the spread of covid-19 is another moment in which these democrats are exposing themselves as the buffoons that they are...and they don’t even realize it.

They think they are winning here.

I don’t hear Tom Barrett and the common council members stepping in to ban these large gatherings...due to covid-19.They absolutely would if this was some gathering of mostly white people.

And that my friends is where Barrett and Milwaukee’s leaders display their racism.They have one set of rules for black Milwaukee because they are afraid to hold black Milwaukeeans and their leaders to the same standards as all others and that is by definition-racist.Tom Barrett and the council see color first and are making decisions based on color.

So in 2020 America we will literally have a summer in which black Milwaukee will hold its large June festival...pretty much as normal but all other festivals and activities are banned. No Summerfest, Germanfest, Irishfest, PrideFest, State Fair....etc.

But ‘the black people are angry and were just rioting...so...let them have their thing. The rules don’t apply to them.

That’s what’s racist.

And to be clear: I’m fine with the Juneteenth day stuff going on- otherwise. It celebrates the emancipation of slaves as one of the greatest Republican wins...in US history.

But these democrats and their leaders black and white cannot have it both ways. They are massive frauds and hypocrites.

photo credit: Fox 6 News

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