There is no one more judgmental and bias than those in the media

There is the media bias of liberal reporters who want to be activists. There is the media bias of ignoring facts that don't support their narrative. There is the media bias of the Orange Man Bad crowd. And then there is the media bias against others in the media.

You will never find anyone who hates conservative journalists more than liberal journalists.

If you need proof, look to how the story of Amy Jacobson and Gov. JB Pritzker in Illinois is being covered.

Jacobson is a former reporter and current talk show host. Pritzker banned her from his news conferences, calling her biased and conservative. She sued. Pritzker backed down.

But the story is not being supported as free speech and a win for the First Amendment. Instead, the story is about Jacobson and her conservatism.

That story is written by? That's right liberal journalists.

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