More Obama-Era Rollbacks, Environmental and Military wins

Jay Weber Show transcript 8:10am 7-19-20

Yep. We racked up more wins for America and for the conservative movement this week.Most were the rump administration’s doing, too.

Even now which is the first time in trump’s presidency in which he doesn’t seem to be getting much done.

He and his agency heads are getting more done in one week-than most administrations get done in a year and that’s no exaggeration.

The aggressive nature of trump’s cabinet secretaries and agency heads is something unique-and will be something noted in history-as a hallmark of his presidency and he gets not credit for it.

The flip side of that is that he’s also not getting much political heat for most of these moves-because the media liberal and conservative aren’t paying attention.

That’s what these segments are for.

The first win came as the accomplice media was obsessed with the controversial LGBTQ decision this week.

The court also decided an important pipeline case in Trump’s favor in America’s favor.

Supreme Court Says Pipeline May Cross Underneath Appalachian Trail

They made the foolish claim that technically the forest service didn’t have the authority to agree this could cross under the Appalachian Trail.It was a weak argument and we talked about it when they filed this lawsuit...but the eco-zealots found liberal judges that agreed with them-and validated their ludicrous claim.

This week the Supreme Court slapped them back and said: the pipeline can be built.

But let’s also point out how nonsensical this environmental movement is: this is a pipeline to move clean, efficient natural gas. It is the main reason our carbon emissions in America have continued to drop for what? 15 years straight now?

And the entire idea is to get more natural gas up into the northeast to lower their carbon footprint. But these zealots-hate. Fossil fuels, in any form and so they’d rather have a higher polluting northeast corridor than lay a single pipeline...which only encourages more drilling.

But that’s a big win-for the energy sector, clean energy, and common sense.


The next win has to do with another rollback of Obamacare and its being portrayed as some attack on transgender rights by the left wing media but it’s not.It is a rollback of more Obama era bullying by activist groups.

Another rollback of Obama era actions-spurred by activist groups-that had our federal governmentredefining what‘sex’ and ‘gender’ are and forcing unconstitutional laws onto religious groups and their affiliated hospitals.

Very importantly this same rule change...under Obama...forced medical workers to perform abortions despite their religious beliefs. That was also scrapped this week.

It’s an important rollback and a win for the constitution.


The next win is President Trump ordering his Dept. of Homeland Security and related agencies to put higher hurdles on asylum claims.

This too could lead to big and necessary changes but they are likely temporary if Republicans cannot win back control of the House and engrain a lot of these border and immigration related Trump orders into law.

The next left wing president could just reverse them as it now stands, but let’s take the temporary win.

Trump administration unveils sweeping plan to limit asylum claims

If we could finally reform our bogus asylum system and close the loopholes that the Obama administration was using to allow wave after wave of illegals to stay in would be a huge win.


The next win is one that I have mixed feelings on because it is a huge new expenditure and it boosts a program that allows the federal government to buy up land like our state stewardship program that is never ending and out of control...

But it finally addresses the long-standing neglect to our national parks and is yet another thing that-in the Trump era- he is getting done- when Obama, Bush and Clinton just let it slide.

Yesterday the U-S senate passed in a bipartisan way.


That is the part of it that I don’t like-because it creates a permanent push by the feds to buy up more land using taxpayer dollars when the fed govt. already owns 1/3 of all American territory...and what is left should be in private ownership. Private land ownership is a backbone of our country...and an important part of our individual rights and independence. The ability to peruse our ‘happiness’ ...if you will.

And to have the govt. be an ever-growing land owner-i believe is wrong. Protecting waters and woods-yes and we have been doing that.To an appropriate degree. There is no need for more.

But- I’m in the minority here. This is a very popular idea. a win for numerous lawmakers on both sides who have been pushing for it. Trump is finally addressing our neglected national parks.

It also proves that Donald trump and the GOP are conservationists and are not ‘anti-environment’.We just aren’t eco-kooks.

So it’s a win.


The next win...isn’t likely to get much attention either-but it is an important move-that the president and his agencies can do-without congressional approval.

The trump team has been promising it for some timeand unlike other Presidents, Trump has proven he is committed to keeping his promises.

Trump to lay out 'road map' to prevent veteran suicides

And you might have picked up on the fact that enthusiasm is muted...for this one because no one knows whether these new efforts will really work- or are workable in practice-but it’s a unique effort to do more-try something new- to combat veteran suicide. Those involved are calling it a win.


Final win is one that is far more concrete. There are no doubts about this win:the American military under trump-took another top Al-Queda leader off the board on Sunday in Syria.

And they did it with a new type of bomb that doesn’t explode. It was the debut of a secret missile that is filled with knives-and is called the ninja bomb.

Al Qaeda leader taken out by 'secret' US missile filled with knives dubbed the 'ninja bomb'

Yes. From the very start of these wars in Iraq and Afghanistan-the terrorists have been using civilians. Especially women and children as shields. It’s a long-time practice and a way that al Qaeda and ISIS and the Taliban try to generate international support and outrage: look at all of these school children America killed....etc.

You know the drill.

So our military has been under strict orders-for years- not to target any terror leader, fighter, or cell...that is hiding among civilians-even if they are hiding in plain sight.

With most missiles-if you take out the building the terrorists are in-everyone in that building dies.Here’s a missile in which if Osama bin boobie is on the third shoot the ninja in there-and he’s toast...and the rest of the building it largely left untouched.

Or-in this instance-the occupants of the car are killed but no one else in the marketplace...or on the roadway is injured.

Pretty slick.

And according to the Intel on this the missile doesn’t explode. There’s no explosive charge.

There’s a glimpse into the large volumes of things that we don’t know are going on inside the greatest military in the world.

This bomb was plan “B” to get Osama.

I have to say, I’m glad we got him the way we did: with a daring nighttime raid-and a few double-taps to his head and heart.

I’m glad he felt some few moments of dread and terror...instead of getting hit from above and killed instantly.

When American leaders are smart enough to let our military be the greatest fighting and peace time force for good on the planet- we are winning.

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