The protests, and their demands are taking us to a dark place

We are witnesses a fundamental change in the country. And it is not all for the good.

The past month has seen a meteoric rise in Black Lives Matter, street protests, antifa, and other radicals on the left.

What started-out as a demand for justice for George Floyd has now become a summer of demands for, well, anything.

And those demands will be met. At least some of them.

Milwaukee and Madison, and several other cities across the country are seriously talking about defunding the police.

That will have serious consequences if it happens. Milwaukee's homicide rate is up 70 percent from last year. Non-fatal shootings are up 35 percent. If Milwaukee loses more cops, what other crimes will spike?

But the radical left doesn't care. And the cowards who are in office are too scared to speak-up or think about what comes next.

All these protests and demands have an end game. And in the end, it will not be good for us a city,a state, or a country.

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