Pelosi and the Dems won't allow Trump's police reforms. They can't

Jay Weber Show transcript 7:08am 6-17-20

I said it Monday: it is important for President Trump to issue new executive orders on police reform and for three reasons:

First-it is proof that he is leading and that he cares about this issue. That he hears the American people who-are- marching in the streets and are calling for change.

Second-it-flat out- shows trump as a man of action and ‘doing something’when congress is going to talk a good game on reforms but not get anything done.

Then third- when Pelosi and Schumer intentionally blow up any congressional compromise on reform....Trump will be able to say: I acted. I put the reforms in place that I could-without waiting for congress-because they cannot agree on anything...and I urge them to get together toengrain my execorders-into law. Make them permanent law.

Trump gets all of the political high ground on this and legitimately changes policing for the better by doing what he did yesterday.

It was important that he move executive orders’and make the changes he did because the Democrats will guarantee that Congress won’t.

Pelosi and Schumer’s interest is in blocking President Trump and the GOP from racking up any important wins while they are in charge.

The Dems interest is in cheap political games and one hallmark of that is not doing what is best for the country but instead blocking all progress unless the Democrats can do it and get big credit for the win.

There was no way-any of this-was going to occur...between now and November otherwise.

Trust me.

Pelosi and Schumer-will not allow it.

If you question that- why were Pelosi and the Democrats out yesterday soundly bashing the republican police reform bill that hasn’t even been released yet?

None of these democrats have even seen-the republican ideas for reform but they were out-in an organized fashion-trashing them yesterday. Insisting the GOP bill doesn’t go far enough and is just hollow virtue signaling from the party of racists and all the rest.

It is all game playing from their party. Always.

So trump stepped up...and immediately ordered William Barr and DOJ to create a database to track bad cops.

He ordered a ban on choke holds.and he encouraged local and state law enforcement agencies to adopt the most modern ‘use of force’ practices-including-having social workers ride along with officers to non-violent they can deal with mental health issues, drug addiction, homelessness...etc.

These are all good ideas...and as the president said yesterday...they are pro-reform without being anti-cop.

Trump Signs Executive Order On Police Reform: "Reducing Crime And Raising Standards Are Not Opposite Goals"

Remember- control of these departments goes to local and state officials, not federal officials and so trump and congress can only do so much. Any reform that they want to force locally...would have to come with some incentive to withhold federal money if you don’t do...’x’.

So Trump and Congress are limited in what they can do....but that didn’t stop Pelosi and the dishonest democrats from saying, ‘Trump’s orders are useless. They don’t go far enough’.

This is despite the fact that all of the reforms trump ordered -are reforms that are likely to be in the Democrat’s bill!

Pelosi and her Dems appeared to be trashing their own reform they bashed trump.

There is no rhyme or reason to their Trump derangement Ebola other than to trash trump at every turn and try to win back power any way they can.

President Trump also slammed Obama and Biden as he issued these reforms...and said....Obama could have done these things but didn’t.

I will disagree with the president-on this one.

He says- Obama and Biden quote.. Couldn’t get it done.

No. They could have. Obama and Eric Holder-intentionally didn’t want to and that’s worse. That’s a worse-and far more dishonest motivation.

It’s the truth: Obama didn’t want to issue rules that would calm the racial strife that these cop shooting incidents created.he and holder- wanted to foment it--were!—fomenting it-at every opportunity.

They wanted black America-angry-and motivated to vote. Everything Obama and Holder did-was meant to enflame and anger-and use- black voters.

That’s’ why Barry had no interest in police reform-via executive order.

This is the man who boasted that he had a pen and a phone and could do everything himself without congress.


So why didn’t he issue-any? – Exec orders related to police reforms?

Isn’t that a good question?

Trump’s new press secretary-also got this right when she took trump to find a way to honor both sides: the need for reforms along with the need to support and honor our law enforcers:


Demonizing the police-is where Trump drew a bright line.

Listen to the trump hating racially obsessed van jones....who was a racial bomb thrower for Obama and now works for CNN.

Even he said- great. Trump did some good today.

WATCH: CNN’s Van Jones Praises Trump’s Policing Executive Order as ‘A Step in the Right Direction’

Why can van jones applaud positive police reform-but Nancy Pelosi and her elected democrats-cannot. Won’t?

It is because-their entire strategy-is to play unserious games trash Trump at every turn and intentionally block any they can have the wedge issue: they want black Americans- pissed off.

They want black Americans-in increased danger- if that is what it takes for them to win power back in fall.

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