We live in two Americas: Biden up by 14 or a Trump Landslide

Jay Weber Show transcript 8:05am 6-16-20

One of the tweets that I put out on social media that had some legs-and was retweeted around and commented on...was this one:

It really is interesting to watch: the Dems and the glitterati party insiders have their polls that show Biden up 14 points nationally and ahead in most of the important swing states...and they see a President Trump that has finally been knocked off of his game and struggling...and suddenly...over the last two weeks or so...there is this new optimism on the left.

Even arrogance.The left leaning pundits and websites are starting to believe: this is Joe Biden’s race to lose.

Their arrogance got the better of them-last time.Now it is seeping in again and this really is Americans living in two completely different realities.

When you get into the fly-over states...you find republican leaders at the state and local levels...more and more confident of a second trump term.

Some are even predicting ‘landslide’. This from Politco from yesterday

‘We’re thinking landslide’: Beyond D.C., GOP officials see Trump on glide path to reelection

I’ll remind you that- before the covid-19 hit- Joe Biden’s crowds were very small and very grey. He was not generating any genuine enthusiasm and he still doesn’t. The motivation on the left will be-to beat Trump. That will be their motivator.

Five months out, my friends-the more measurable, more genuine enthusiasm has been on Trump’s side.

800-thousand requests for tickets to his Tulsa rally this weekend?

That’s insane.His past rallies have been huge-with 20-thousand people inside the venue and ten thousand more standing outside.

800-thousand requests for tickets?

That’s something we have never seen before.

Joe Biden is not ahead of Donald Trump by sixteen points.

but..see? see? This hockey stick graph says we will all die in a fiery hell...due to global warming by 2015....

We are still here and the globe hasn’t warmed significantly.

Which side of the aisle...time and again is working with its own-invented- sets of facts? So would a Trump landslide surprise me after a year of polls show Joe Biden coasting to victory?

Not at all and for now I sort of expect it...

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