Just remember the Democrat Party is the party of slavery

Jay Weber Show show transcript 7:08am 6/12/20

Just remember the Democrat Party IS the party of slavery

So, President Trump has scheduled a rally for June 19th in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Okay. So what? Well that’s June tenth day...which marks the emancipation of the slaves...

Tulsa is the site of one of the bloodiest racial clashes of the 1960s.That is why.

And so, the race baiters and trump haters -immediately leapt to call him a racist and make a big deal out of this...and insist that it is some new ‘dog whistle’ to the KKK and white supremacists.

I tell you, the members of the left-wing base and their accomplices on CNN, MSNBC, NY Times have lost their minds.

They cannot. cannot...possibly...realize how stupid and silly they look....as they roll out the daily racist outrages...against trump.

This is truly fever swamp stuff. My friends. and trump derangement Ebola has so rotted their brains after 3 and a half years-that they are all engaging in it.

I mean-Joe Biden talking seriously about how Donald Trump is going to steal the election and if he loses...refuse to leave the white house...

Come on that is crackpot stuff...and even with the TDS running strong on the left...70 percent of Americans do not believe that nonsense.

Biden looks like a jackass even talking about it, ditto for Trump’s going to Tulsa on Juneteenth day as a racial dog whistle to the KKK.

Holy cow. You people are lost.

Yes, because the Democrats do not have a monopoly on the issue, or rhetoric, of racial justice.

If you want to talk about the ultimate irony: it is the Democrat party that was the party of the slave holder. it was the Democrat party who insisted on fighting a civil war over their ‘right’ to own other human beings.

It was the democrat party members, who then, formed the KKK and used it to kill off reconstruction and what was an early and successful effort to give the Black American equality in society.

it was the republican party that freed the slaves and gee...even as late as 1964...was providing the votes to pass the racial equality act when Democrat Senators were voting against it.

Folks-the Republican Party-is the party of freedom and equality here. The Democrats are the party of slavery, the KKK, and inequality. and yet- the modern members of that party today- and their even more hateful and racist socialist activist groups...

They are trying to corner the market on ‘racial justice’.

Make no mistake what these angry accusations were about yesterday:the democrats and their activist allies are trying to ‘own’ the high ground on race and racial justice.

And they are trying to use it as a smear anyone who disagrees with them.

We have seen them-time and again-use it on their own party members: if a liberal college professor who has beenin good lefty standing for 40 years....slips up and says something that challenges their totalitarian litmus test now...thatperson is run off of campus.

This has become the activist left’s greatest weapon...over the last decade:they want to be able to determine...what and who....is racist. and it can change by the hour or by the day.

They want the rest of us to agree-to let them- be the final arbiters of who-and what- is racist...and they want to be the final judge and jury on who gets canceled, ruined, or sent for re-education.

That is what this is about.the democrats and their crybully activist base want the final say on ‘racial justice, harmony, and piety’.... and in truth...history tells us...no group is more racist than American Democrats and Fascists and Socialists.

BLM and Antifa from the same strain of fascism and Marxism that Hitler and his party grew out of.and there is a long history of overt-and violent- racist actions from America’s democrats...and these socialist groups...buy they leap to label trump a racist?

They accuse him of ‘dog whistles”?


I am glad the Trump White House immediately pushed back on this.

Joe Biden does not even know what Juneteenth day is, or the massacre of black wall street occurred... apparently.

Juneteenth Day-does not-commemorate the Tulsa Black Wall St Massacre.it commemorates Emancipation Day.... and second- the massacre occurred in Tulsa, Oklahoma. not in Texas. where Biden says Trump is going on Juneteenth.

No, Joe. Trump was in Texas yesterday. and today is Friday. and you are in your own basement.and this is your wife, Jill. do you recognize Jill?

Do you remember your son’s names?

What about the name of your new grandchild? Who your coke-snorting son fathered with a DC stripper? Do you know that child’s name?

This guy-is clueless. and you see why Terry McAuliffe-who is a big Biden backer and fundraiser...said this week: no, Joe is better in the basement. It is better that America does not see him. he is going better in the polls, this way.

If you missed that story...it is a verification of something I’ve been saying for months now: the Biden handlers are-intentionally- keeping him out of the public eye- because Americans might approve of the ‘idea’ of joe Biden...until they see and hear the ‘actual’Joe Biden.

This is not the Joe Biden they saw as Obama’s VP. and McAuliffe knows it. they are intentionally hiding him away.

But-eventually- he’s going to have to emerge and start talking about his 4-trillion dollar tax hike and his other terribly policy proposals....and he will be doing it by stumbling, and stammering, and blanking out... andhis poll numbers will start to drop...

Anyway-these democrats are just embarrassing themselves...and are offending about 70 percent of America....by pandering to these activist bullies and rioters.

The ever-embarrassing Nancy Pelosi is suddenly hot to remove eleven statues of confederates from the U-S Capitol.

This is all hollow virtue signaling by a woman who will do and say anything to pander to the latest whims of her party activists. So that she can cling to power any way possible.

And here is another great example of it. folks-Nancy Pelosi has been in congress 33 years. she has been the speaker of the house!one of the most powerful people in Washington!for most of those years.

So why hasn’t she cared about these confederate statues until now?

Why hasn’t she insisted they be removed-long ago?

And by the way- it is the states that determine which statues they want in statuary hall. Representing their states in DC. It is not Pelosi’s call...

So, it should be left up to the states. many of their current gov’s and legislatures will probably agree to it, anyway- since their party is on a jag to erase American history...

But, what a shock:after 33 years on congress and probably 15 as speaker.... Nancy Pelosi suddenly has a bug up her butt-insisting these statues need to be removed.

We are also going to see a purging of the names of confederate generals off our military bases. it seems clear that at least a handful of GOP senators will go along with that- and so that is likely to occur- if not under trump...at some point.

And it is-such a mistake- to erase our history….to erase and forget- the worst parts of our history.

The old adage is true:those who forget history are doomed to repeat it and so- in addition to acting like ISIS or the Taliban here- pulling down statues and destroying history...

In addition to that- these folks on the left are dooming themselves to making the same historical mistakes over again.

Do you want proof?

The calls to defund the policy are being made by hordes of young people who did not live thru the sky-high violent crime rates and property crime rates of the 60s and 70s.

They do not know that it took decades -and large police presence-to finally reduce crime in America to the point at which it is today. which is historically low.

And so- just as we hit historic lows.Yeah...lets abolish the police and make the same mistakes of history...over again.

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