Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway is a duplicitous fraud

Jay Weber Show transcript 7:10am 6/11/20

Madison’s Mayor Satya Rhodes Conway...

I mean...even her name is ridiculous.

She has just been exposed as duplicitous fraud and embarrassment... who has been trying to have it both ways....during the protests and rioting.

I’m going to make some points in the segments below...that explain why this is more than just embarrassing how it exposes her as a total fraud who should just resign.

But-if you missed the story: Satya Rhodes the midst of the worst looting and angry protesting in Madison...and as she was publicly siding with the looters and protestors...

She created a secret video...that she sent to the Madison police department...which was clearly meant to be some sort of pep talk....

Know that after this got out, she was slammed by the BLM protestors and activists...and immediately caved and apologized for putting out a vide that would dare express support for the police.

So the stage is set:This is as Mayor Conway was putting on an entirely different publicface.

She’s anti-cop publicly but sends this video to the Madison cops….privately.

Isn’t that something...given that this is the same woman can be replaced? Buildings can be replaced.We got to stop these monsters in blue...from killing black people?

The hypocrisy of that video-is staggering.

It sounds like some cop simply posted it on Facebook and it got out and now this two-faced in all sorts of trouble.

She’s such a duplicitous snake. Such a pathetic sack of liberal jello that the minute the video got out and got even a little bit of heat for it from the lefty crackpot crowd...Conway did another video apologizing. She groveled and asked for forgiveness from the ‘f- the cops’ crowd

What a scumbag. And no, that’s not too harsh. I’ve got a few things I’d like to call her that are too profane for the radio.

What...a rancid, pathetic human being.No integrity. No guts. No moral compass or code and this is the mayor of Madison.

First...she tries to secretly suck up to the cops-privately-as she supports the rioting publicly and then the minute she’s caught. She doesn’t even have the integrity to stand behind the secret video.

She easily could have said: These men and women do an impossible, dangerous job. Between covid and the riots, they absolutely deserve some honor and respect.

Why can’t the public hear what she is saying to these police this video? And why won’t she express these sentiments publicly and since she said nothing wrong in that video to her officers since what she said was entirely appropriate and even a little moving.

Why did this need to be a secret video?

The answers to those questions-expose everything.

photo credit: Fox 6 Now

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