Huge Trump Wins the MSM won't tell you about it

Jay Weber Show transcript 7:08am 6/10/20

It has been a few weeks since we’ve had a winning segment.

It was just a week ago or so that I said....President Trump needs to get back to his plate spinning. He needs to get back into the grove that he was in-for nearly three years- before this covid-19 crisis changed everything.

For most of his Presidency, he has kept five or six issuesall spinning and moving forward at once which is unlike anything i have seen-from any other president in my lifetime. He’s been a very effective leader and administrator. Racking up all sorts of wins that most of the public doesn’t even know about or hear about.

The MSM refuses to tell these they relentlessly focus their efforts on bashing and trashing him.

That’s the reason for these segments; to detail the winning that is occurring under trump and GOP leadership-when no one else will highlight it...

I don’t know if i can get to it let’s dive in. first win-which trump will never get credit for from the race baiters and hustlers:the trump admin appointed the first after African American to serve as an armed services chief.

General Charles Brown was unanimously approved by the u-s senate the air force’s new chief of staff.He’s the first.... and he becomes only the second Black American to sit on the Joint Chiefs of Staff....isn’t that sort of pathetic?

Colin Powell was put there by George HW Bush in the late Trump puts Charles Brown the 2020s.Neither Bill Clinton nor Barrack the 20-some years in between- gave a minority American such an appointment.

But-it’s the Dems who care more about black people.

In truth-we’ve seen this time-and-again throughout the last 50 years: the Dems talking a good game on affirmative action and racial promotions....but talking a hollow game....

While it has been the republican presidents who have named more black Americans to positions of prominence.If you doubt that-just check the record.

General Brown got this nom on his own merits...and it wasn’t due to his skin color.

And to be clear: he was nominated well before any of this George Floyd...BLM BS.

This isn’t some last minute token move by trump.


The next win-also-got absolutely no attention from the MSM.

Just in a few months-a billion dollars’ worth of drugs has been seized at sea. Any other administration would have held big news conferences and made a huge deal out of a rare win for their president and party....but Trump didn’t...because he’s done so much winning. This is a routine win of the sort that hasn’t gotten covered in the Trump era. The American people simply do not know how effective this president and his cabinet members and agency heads- have been.

So, a big win on the drug front.


The next win- is along the border. Again. No media attention or credit for this:

We need republicans to win back the house-and then engrain all of these dramatic changes that the President has made to border and immigration policy permanently into law.Otherwise, the next lefty President can undo them all...and we are right back to the same flood of illegals across the border.

But for now- huge win.


The next the president once again showing he is a visionary-and he is concerned about our national security. he sees the Russians moving aggressively to claim control over the polar region...which could be of huge strategic and military value to them in a war and this has been going on for some time. Thru several presidencies. Obama did nothing about it, of course. Trump is acting.

Remember when trump was scoffed at for suggesting we buy Greenland...early in his Presidency?That, too, was really about strategic planning and more access to natural resources. But he was labeled an idiot and a dope.

The similarities to Reagan-really are- striking.In his day, Reagan too was vilified and written off as an incompetent evil dope. Now he’s regarded as the only truly great president of the modern era and Trump hopefully has another four years to prove he can even outdo Reagan-in terms of consequential decisions, actions, tax cuts, deregulation, etc but the man- is-thinking strategically and after years of neglect-is-taking a hard look at our national security weaknesses.


The last two wins have to do with the trump agencies repealing bad Obama policies that he and Joe Biden rammed into place right as they left office.

Both have to do with the fact that the eco-zealots had a clear path and a very sympathetic Barrack Obama.He rolled over time and time again to their extremist wishes and planning.

One thing I highlighted on this show was Obama’s outrageous expansions of protected federal lands and waters...without getting congressional approval and the way he did it:by proclaiming things a national monument or a national treasure. It was one of the top items on my list of important Trump reversals if he won office.

And he did and his agency heads at EPA, interior, bureau of land management went about reversing and undoing Obama’s bad orders.

But-the repeal processes take time...and often tedious planning.Hey- Trump’s agency heads are still seeing them thru. Three years later and racking up wins for small government conservatives.

Today we have two: the coast of Maine...Trump has now officially reversed a designation that Obama put on a massive area of those waters....proclaiming them an ocean preserve....and screwing over the east coast fishing industry.

The eco-nuts and lefties loved this move and Obama did it...right as he left office as a final ‘screw you’ to the American people...and the fishing industry.

He was just pandering to the eco-zealots.

The second environmental move the trump admin made is more controversial becausethe wash post is playing into the eco-idiots hands and playing this up as some license to killbear cubs and wolf cubs and mama bears...and cruel.

What it really a reversal of an Obama era order that said-the federal government got to manage Alaska’s federal lands...not the state of Alaska which has always been the case.

If you think about it- the WI DNR manages the national parks we have here in Wisconsin when it comes to managing animal herds. Predators.Approves bear hunts and wolf hunts to manage the predators...

This is what Alaska’s DNR was doing. Until the Obama admin caved to the eco-zealots and gave that control to the eco-nuts in Washington DC. How would they know better-than Alaska’s wildlife managers- what that state needed in the way of wildlife management?

And Obama’s move was very unpopular with Alaskans and it’s not about killing baby bear cubs or killing mama bear in her den...

It’s about managing the predatory herd up there and if it were such a bad change...Alaska’s officials would be outraged and slamming trump’s move.

Instead they are celebrating it. Including Senator Lisa Murkowski, who happens to be in a political spat with Trump right now.

This is another big win-for hunter’s rights, state’s rights, and local control.

It is-not- as the wash post characterizes it- a way to make it easier for hunters to kill bears and wolves-and their their dens....but you see how far the left will go to lie and pitch a fit. If they don’t get their way.

They thought Obama gave the eco-zealots control over Alaskan hunting laws...and trump said...nope!

And that’s a huge win.

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