The Worst ‘Progressive’ Idea Yet: Hey, Let’s Get Rid Of The Police!

Jay Weber show transcript 6:40am 6/9/20

A conservative editorial calls it ‘the worst progressive idea yet- getting rid of our police departments...

Yes and given how many terrible and unworkable and dangerous crackpot ideas the so-called progressives have is ‘saying something’ to say...this is the worst idea yet.

This is from the former editors of Investor’s Business daily, Issues and Insights

I cannot imagine that it is.Which is why if President Trump and the republicans can just manage to look competent...and clear headed… and rational...

Speak and act like adults between now and November....the President should get a second term and the republicans might even be able to take back the majority in the house.

And I did say if because President Trump has been blowing it lately…. with some of his moves...and by not appearing to lead in a real time of crisis.

I do believe these waves of polls that show president trump’s approval ratings slipping ...with some key demographics. Some groups that will decide the elections.

He’s got to step up andbe more presidential and be amore healing-and calming- voice-at a time in which the democrats are trying...once again…to tear this country apart along racial and socioeconomic lines...but hey- these democrat lawmakers, from the mayors. Right up to their congressmen...sure are helping Trump out.

They sure are acting like weak they go about pandering to the angry left wing mobs.

This idea of eliminating or dramatically defunding and reducing the big city police departments is insane.

Folks- on the very weekend that Chicago and New York were experiencing one of their deadliest weekends of violence in years....the mayors and alderman of both of those cities were talking about defunding their police some nod to the angry mob and based on several narratives that are simply-untrue: such as- police officers target black men...and kill them in higher numbers than whites. You’ve seen the federal data....and the independent wash post data by now. It’s simply a false narrative.

The councilmen of these major cities stepping up to insist it’s a good idea to defund the police started in Minneapolis and Chicago but its quickly growing.

I believe if you took a poll of Chicagoans and Illinoisans, a large majority of them would say that the Chicago PD is working for them.

It is a good and valuable resource with good and valuable people who are willing to do a dangerous and thankless job for very little money.

A small number of bad cops or cops who use excessive force in the heat of the moment...are a rare exception, statistically- they are not the rule.

BLM keeps parroting out: one-thousand Black Americans were killed by police in a single year.

That might sound bad, but consider that this is a nation of 326-million people and consider how many interactions the hundreds of thousands of law enforcers in America...have with urban black criminals.

Then consider how nearly all of those shootings are deemed justifiable...because the black perp showed a gun or fired back....

The truth is-there are very few very few true ‘George Floyd’ type deaths in America and that’s not to say we shouldn’t look at reasonable reforms.We should and I have a different segment on some of the ideas being kicked around. Some are quite logical and should be done… others go too far.

It is mostly false narratives here that have been driving these BLM protests and this racial division and anger over the last several decades in America and the statistics prove it-both govt- kept and independent studies.

Time and again-serious studies- have told us, no: America does not have a problem of systemic racism within its law enforcement or justice systems but perception is a hard thing to overcome. Especially when it’s a narrative that’s being regularly and routinely political agitators on the left....who believe their side can benefit fomenting racial hatreds and racial unrest.

And so-what we get-is these idiot mayors and alderman. Talking about dissolving police the country’s highest crime areas. Did you know that....last weekend...Chicago saw it’s deadliest day in 60 years?

So 25 dead over Memorial Day weekend in the city of Chicago....and a number of those who were killed...were completely innocent victims.

Several young women between the ages of 18 and 24...who wanted to be doctors, or nurses, or law enforcers themselves....and were motivated to become great and productive members of society.

But their lives were cut short by black on black violence.

Where’s the justice for those victims?Why don’t their lives Black Lives Matter? or to these cowardly mayors and councilmen who are so willing to roll over to the order to cling to their pathetic little jobs.

Is the modicum of power and elevated social standing that you a city councilman- really? really? worth selling your soul for?

Source: Issues and Insights The Worst ‘Progressive’ Idea Yet: Hey, Let’s Get Rid Of The Police!

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