Defund the Police? The majority of Americans think you're nuts

Jay Weber show transcript. Monday 7:40am 6/8/20

I talked earlier about these cowardly left wing mayors- and I include the one in Madison. Satya Rhodes Conway-who has done nothing but pander to the rioters....asone third of businesses on state street now say they will need to close permanently...

They put up with a two month lockdown of their businesses...only to have them destroyed and looted by quote...’mostly peaceful’ protestors...just as they were about to open up.

The WI St Journal reports today-about a third of the 150 shop owners on State Street...say they will have to close permanently.

And their mayor has supported the thugs.

Even as their communities have been destroyed. These pathetic mayors...have caved to the mob.

Their latest cave-is on the radical, asinine, and truly outrageous idea that we need to defund and dismantle our police departments.

No more police....These anarchist groups are demanding...and some of these idiots-like the l-a mayor and councilmen-are actually drawing up plans and scheduling votes to make it happen.

And those mayors that aren’t...are being threatened and targeted.

One of them is this milk toast idiot mayor of Minnesota- Jacob Frey. As an enlightened AOC-style lefty.... he stood by and did nothing. Except encourage the rioters....for first three nights of rioting and looting in his city.Only on day four. Did he realize it was out of hand? And criminals were going to victimize that community for as long as they were given free rein to ransack it.

Only then-did he agree to nation guardsmen to come in and restore the peace.

But-over the weekend- he was among the protestors...continuing to virtue signal and grovel and beg for forgiveness as a white guy.

It was a sickening display, in truth: these people who want to apologize for being white...

But....none of the groveling placated the crowd. Because it’s a crowd of anarchists and America-hating black activists...

No.Groveler Frey....was soundly booed and shoved out of the protest. When he refused to defund the Minneapolis police department.

(The video below)

Jacob Frey has-literally-worshipped at the altar of their socialist indoctrination camps...

He has checked every box on their litmus test...on how to be a good, obedient, socialist progressive...and meant nothing...because he won’t agree to take the next step in their agenda to tear down America.

Jacob Frey-is to be ‘canceled’-and ostracized from the movement. Because he won’t bend the knee. He won’t pledge blind fealty to the cause.

This is what today’s left is about.

It is a bullying, totalitarian, fascistic movement. And they’ve come for you.Join or be canceled.

Jacob Frey was- pushed out of the protest- to choruses of boos and ‘shame’ chants. And he had a few things thrown at he slowly walked away...

I have no sympathy for him-and hope other mayors, governors, and elected democrats get the same treatment.

They created this monster by allowing these dangerous kooks off of the kook fringe. Pelosi, Obama and the rest of them- invited-this ugliness onto the rest of America....because their party was so desperate to win elections after they had driven working class Americans out of their party.

This goes back to about 2006-and it is-absolutely- a manifestation of the moves by Pelosi/summer and Obama-that i have talked about-all thru the Obama years.

And how do you think all of this democrat weakness in the face of these protests.... is going to play out in fall?

Folks- any day now- Joe Biden is going to have to answer the question: do you support defunding the police?

Do you support- a society-without law enforcement?

If he were a republican-he would have already been forced to answer this question.

This is what-his supporters- say they want.

The people who the Dems want to claim as their core voters-

The people who have been protesting and rioting in the streets- want a world without law enforcement. They want to release our prisoners: does Joe Biden support this?

Trump has made it clear where he stands...and he doesn’t have to shrink or hide from it, because he knows it is the correct and proper take. The republicans don’t seem to have any problem stating where they stand on this one: let’s defend the police....

So what does Biden say?

How long do his handlers think they can hide him from this question? And it’s not just Biden who is going to have trouble defending this urgent call from his own party’s all republicans who are going to be on the fall ticket.

Every congressmen and senator-running as a democrat-is going to have to answer the question:are you anti-cop?Are you in favor of having no local law enforcement?

Or of some ‘newly reinvented’ department that controls the city with hugs and positive vibes?

Every democrat- is now anti-law enforcement- unless they state otherwise.

And no matter how they answer it- members of their own voting base...will be upset. Because polls show-most democrats-and most African Americans-support- the police.

They do not want to see police depts. Abolished or defunded.This is not a popular position in 85 percent of America.

But that 15 percent that is currently in the streets and making demands. Is pretty darn angry...and they are pretty darn vocal.

So what’s it going to be Biden? Pelosi? Evers? Pocan? Gwen Moore?Do you agree ‘f-the police?’ defund the police?

All sorts of famous and rich and important your party....insist you should.

So....which is it?

Are you going to keep trying to be cool and cutting edge and culturally evolved and actually go along with such mindless drivel?

Or do you still have a modicum of self-respect and common sense? Along with enough simple integrity to push back on such idiocy?

Folks-this is a good litmus test. It’ll tell us who is completely hopeless on that left side of the aisle. Who is too far gone to be rehabilitated and useful? And who still displays -a hint. A modicum. Or common sense and independence from the mob.

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