The U.S. is getting a real look at Antifa

There is a line being spoken across America these days. "We support the peaceful protests."

That, inherently, makes it clear that there are some people who are protesting the death of George Floyd, and there are others who are looking to cause chaos.

America is seeing that difference each night on their TV screens.

Andy Ngo, the man who's become an expert on Antifa, says American is now seeing what he's been watching for years.

He writes that Antifa has perfected the art of rioting, and is using George Floyd's death to further their campaign of destruction.

It is important that we call-out these thugs, these anarchists, these revolutionaries for what they are.

They are not protesters. They are terrorists dedicated to ending the rule of law and the American way of life.

In that, it is good that Americans are seeing them in the streets.

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