This isn’t revolution. It’s rioting. Don’t defend it.

Jay Weber Show Transcript 6/1/20 7:10 am

I am certain of at least one thing-related to these riots:there’s going to be a backlash...and they will help get president trump re-elected. Just as the take-over of the state capitol helped Gov. Walker win a recall and re-election.

These anarchists on the left...and their supporters among the democrat leaders and media members....might think that they are making some sort of statement that is going to move voters their way...

But they are mistaken: who would vote in favor of lawlessness and anarchy?

who would choose to side with the people looking to burn down organized favor of chaos...and somelord-of-the-flies sort of existence?

The lawless bullies win out?

Not likely. So there -will- be a backlash to this rioting in favor of law and order...and it’s going to help president trump get re-elected...and could push all sorts of people who were in the middle-away-fromthe left side of the aisle-and it’s even going to push some long time democrats- over to our side of the aisle.Because-not only- is this chaos and rioting not defensible and not productive-

Also a famous American civil rights attorney named Leo Terrell...and he’s saying...look...I’m a long time democrat. I’ve made my life’s work fighting for civil rights.And if democrat mayors and governors don’t stand up to these criminals using a man’s death to riot...then I’m done being a democrat.

There were several idiotic narratives trying to blame Trump for this..or the Trump era for in: this is what you get when a president stokes racial animosity for two years.

The problem with that statement is- two-fold: first...they are attacking the wrong president: it was Obama and Eric Holder who were the admin stoking racial divisions...and second: we can prove it:we had many more instances of racial rioting and lootingunder president Obama, than under President Trump.

This is the first of the Trump era.

Racialdivision and tension calmed down dramatically after Donald Trump got into office and the Obama era leaders stopped agitating, but- the George Floyd death has given them an opening.....and ‘they are back’.

The easiest and fastest way to deal with them is: don’t defend them. Don’t claim they have a just cause.Don’t claim rioting is-ever-acceptable. Just don’t buy into their anti-social b.s. organize rioting and looting.

The civil rights attorney, Leo Terrell, is correct: this isn’t peaceful protesting. It’s criminality.

The only reason ‘white America’ on the left is defending it and even going so far as to dream up excuses for it- is because they don’t want to alienate the black vote.

Well- I’ve got news for them: most black Americans and black voters-are not street thugs. They are hardworking Americans who built a lot of those businesses that were burned this weekend. And even the ones that weren’t black owned businesses- they were in predominantly black neighborhoods- so who do you think they employed? You idiots?

They gave black members of that community employment and while we are on that topic-i noticed that a number of businesses that burned were Walgreens and auto zones.


Why -of all businesses-Walgreens and Auto Zones?

Because the CEOs of those chain corporations made a conscious decision to build and open up shop in urban areas and underserved neighborhoods. They were being good-corporate-neighbors-when they took a chance on some of these blighted neighborhoods.They brought their jobs and these so-called ‘jobs deserts’, grocery deserts, drug store deserts.

And how were they rewarded for their kindness? For their attempts to help needy urban communities? They got looted, vandalized, destroyed and burned.

and then these left wing activists decry these so-called ‘deserts’ terrible and racist because companies don’t want to be robbed, looted, and burned to the ground.

Well-this is the reason for food deserts, drug store deserts..etc. learn the lesson.

And to see these left wing media propagandists twisting themselves into pretzels trying to defend-or excuse away-the brutality and criminality of these sickening.

It-sickens me- to watch.

Scumbags like don lemon, Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo, etc...try to provide cover. Use euphemisms for rioting and thuggery.This is ‘urgent protest’.

No. it’s not. Don’t defend and encourage the rioters.

This isn’t difficult...if you are a reasonable and responsible human being. Just-don’t defend the indefensible.

They are downplaying the destruction of dozens of American cities as simply ‘protests’.

It’s not a rebellion or a revolt.

If you notice- none of these rioters are looking to take over city hall...or usurp government. a revolt or revolution would suggest the target is-government. The primary goal-and target-would be: replace the government.

You don’t lead a revolution by stealing Louis Viton handbacks and looting Nike stores and breaking into ATMs.

I have seen- history has seen- no other righteous revolution start that way:

Okay...for the first two weeks...we just steal tvs and microwaves and cell phones...and week three....we implement our plan to overthrow the government.

This isn’t revolution. It’s rioting. Don’t defend it.

Photo courtesy of Fox 6 Now

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