22,820 Wisconsin absentee ballots were rejected for various reasons

via JR Ross of Wispolitics.com

In rare Saturday teleconference, the Wisconsin election commission met to go over the April 7 election. Materials prepared ahead of meeting show 1,132,923 absentee ballots were returned and counted. 22,820 absentee ballots were rejected for various reasons.

Reasons absentee ballots for spring election were rejected:

Insufficient Certification 11,944

Postmarked After Election Day 5,378

Not Returned by 4 pm April 13th 4,678

Superseding Ballot Returned 556

Certificate Envelope Compromised 229

Voter Deceased Before election 15

During the meeting, Administrator Wolfe says in-person turnout April 7 was less than 20%

The election commission wants to use federal funds to build intelligent barcodes into absentee ballot system to allow voters, clerks to track them through entire process. that includes if and when ballots are received by voters. See more about that proposal: bit.ly/3blLIDg

There were also 135,417 absentee ballots requested that weren't returned. That includes:

Request Cancelled by Clerk 9,910

Request Cancelled by Voter 9,881

Ballot Returned Undeliverable 4,065

Voter Refused Ballot from SVD 304

Voter Ineligible to Receive Ballot 176

Another stat from today's

790 people who were on the list of voters that may have moved -- a list that was subject of a lawsuit -- voted in the April 7 election. Wolfe says they either signed pollbook or requested absentee ballot.

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