Jay welcomes Ward Kitchen & Bath to WISN

Let’s talk bathrooms: Specifically, bathrooms with those old whirlpool tubs that seemed like a great idea when you bought or built the house, but turned out to be a dog. The only time I have ever been in mine is to stand in it so I can clean off the dead flies on a window sill next to it. It hasn’t had water in it once since the day I bought the house.

If you are like most people, you never use that tub. You tried it once and ended up sitting in only luke warm water that quickly turned cold. It turns out that even the biggest water heater in the world can’t generate enough hot water to fill the tub, and a home’s plumbing cannot fill the tub fast enough to keep the water hot. It’s a real dud, and now it just takes up major space in cramped bathroom.

That’s where my new endorsement comes in:  Ward Kitchen and Bath out of West Bend- specializes in taking out those old Jacuzzi tubs and repurposing that space for something truly useful: A walk in shower.

The owners of Ward Kitchen and Bath, Greg and Kim Ward, are long time Wisconsinites who bring integrity and enthusiasm to a job that, I believe, sets them apart.   

Someone always answers the phone at ward kitchen and bath, and clients are always dealing with the owners directly. Greg is often right on-site, and closely manages every job.

Kim is their designer, and she has a rare N-K-B-A certification. It’s the gold standard certification for kitchen and bath remodeling, and she’s one of only nine designers in Wisconsin to hold it. Kim will design the new kitchen or bath of your dreams and Greg will make sure it happens and you are satisfied with the results. You can find ward kitchen and bath at wardkitchenandbath.com

Isn’t it time to say goodbye to that useless whirlpool tub and treat yourself to a spacious walk-in shower? It is a much better use of space and you won’t even have a shower door to clean.

Check out their website here > wardkitchenandbath.com Trust me.

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