Not even the professors could move the needle on impeachment

The few Americans who watched the latest impeachment hearings get a look at what law school is like.

Four famous, and mostly liberal, law school professors talked with members of Congress about the grounds for impeachment. But mostly, they lectured the American people on what we should see.

The professors went on and on about the obvious evidence of impeachable offenses.

Most of them.

Johnathan Turley told the House Judiciary Committee that impeaching President Trump over the phone call with Ukraine's president would set a terrible precedent.

Outside of a too-cute-by-half attempt at a joke at the expense of the president's 13-year-old son, the rest of the hearings were boring and repetitive.

The few Americans who watched likely already had their minds made-up. Anyone who is not already set on impeachment likely didn't watch at all.

So none of the people who could swayed were. Most Americans are sick of impeachment. Not because they believe the president is pure as the driven snow, but because they see impeachment as nakedly political, driven by hate, and already set in stone.

The lecture from the law school professors didn't change that view at all.

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