The NBA's empty wokeness is on display in China.

The NBA is a business. It's players are businessmen. That is the lesson from this week's cowering to China.

The NBA is bending itself in half and back again in order to stay silent about China.

An NBA executive expressed support for free speech protesters in Hong Kong. No big deal here in the U.S.

But it's a huge no-no in China.

Now, the league is in damage control mode.

The league, which was praised for its wokeness just a few years ago, is now trying to stay out of Chinese politics. NBA players who had no problem criticizing President Trump or praising Colin Kaepernick are now silent about government protests and the true abuses of a totalitarian regime.

No one should be surprised. Like many on the left, the NBA and its players have no problem being woke until it actually costs them something.

Perhaps they could learn something from the creators of South Park.

What do we need to learn from this embarrassment? That sports leagues are businesses, not moral compasses, and that their wokeness is as hollow as it sounds.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images


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