Let's not freak out about vaping.

Each death is a tragedy. No one should forget that when someone dies, there are real tears, a real funeral, and a real family that is now less.

All deaths are tragic. Not just the ones in the headlines.

This is why we need to press pause on the collective freak-out over vaping in this country.

A handful of people (five at last count) have died from possibly vaping too much or vaping the wrong thing. Another couple of hundred people in more than half the country have gotten sick.

But five people died this weekend in car wrecks in Wisconsin. Thousands will die from texting while driving, heck, 13 people will die in vending machine accidents this year.

Vaping is the new scary 'thing,' in part because it is new. And new is scary.

But before we move ahead with bans and over the top public health campaigns, perhaps we can relax a bit and understand that vaping is like so many of the other less-then-healthy options exist.

Listen to "Some perspective on the vaping worries" on Spreaker.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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