When are you an adult?

You drive at 16, you vote at 18, and you can legally buy a drink at 21.

The world is full of bright lines on your way to adulthood.

But, in 2019 the mommies, the nannies, and sympathetic lawmakers are trying to delay adulthood.

That's the problem I have with Tobacco 21. Lawmakers in Madison are looking to raise the age to buy cigarettes or vape pens to 21-years-old. They claim it will stop people from smoking.

Great. I'm agnostic about the public health effects of a Tobacco 21 law.

But, culturally, I can't get on board with a law that treats young men and women who are old enough to serve in the military like children.

It's no wonder why we have a crisis with young people not wanting to grow up. This is why young people are delaying marriage, buying a home, and paying taxes.

At a certain point adults are adults, and they need to be able to make adult choices.

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