PAC formed to help working-class candidates pays thousands to Bryce


The PAC Randy Bryce rolled out in March to back working-class congressional candidates has yet to make a single donation to someone running for office, according to his latest FEC report.

Instead, nearly half the money it spent went to pay the ironworker for consulting, cover his travel costs or buy email contacts from his old campaign.

But Bryce told that’s because 2020 campaigns are just now getting off the ground and he’s planning a re-launch of Iron PAC within a month to expand its reach.

“We’re going to have more people helping us out, and we’re going to be able to reach out more to candidates as well,” the former 1st CD candidate told

Late last year, the Working Families Party announced Bryce was joining the progressive group as a senior adviser to recruit and elect working-class candidates. But Bryce said he left that role in March, when Iron PAC launched. He also has been working on other things, including going back to work as an ironworker.

Beyond the money Iron PAC paid Bryce, it also paid $5,964 to the consulting firm Strategy and Hustle, which helped the former Dem congressional candidate roll out the PAC back in March. It also spent $3,186 on telecommunications services and another $2,895 on compliance services.

State GOP spokesman Charles Nichols said the spending suggests Bryce started a “scam PAC to pad his own pockets,” referencing issues that popped up during the 2018 campaign over the Dem’s past.

“This is the behavior we have come to expect from Randy Bryce,” Nichols said.

The complete story here > PAC formed to help working-class candidates pays thousands to Bryce, consultants

JR Ross of joined Jay Wednesday morning. The segment is below

JR Ross on Randy Bryce

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