The Russian election meddling narrative is sticking.

The Russians weren't the only one who said bad things online about Hillary Clinton back in 2016.

Lots of people didn't like her, and they didn't really need Russian election meddling to make them not like her more.

But the narrative of Russian election interference is sticking.

Charlamagne tha God hosts the most popular radio show on urban radio in America. He's becoming a must go to during this election cycle.

And he's buying the idea that not only did the Russians hack the 2016 election, but that President Trump and Mitch McConnell are Russian spies.

This is dangerous. Not just that Charlamagne is wrong, but that so many of us on the right are convinced that the Russian collusion story is dead, settled, and buried.

We need to realize, that for many people in this country, it is not. And it is sticking.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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