Democrats advocate breaking the law.

How long before Democrats are making excuse for murder?

Democrats on Capitol Hill and in a number of left-leaning states are openly advocating for people to break the law. They held press conferences last week and over the weekend to explain how people can defy a court order to leave the country.

Say that again out loud. Elected representatives in this country are explaining to people how to break the law.

Many Democrats say that's okay because they find the immigration law immoral. And they say President Trump is being racist.

Many of the same Democrats are okay with Antifa's violence.

The black-clad thugs are given refuge because Democrats see their violence aimed at Trump supporters.

And it wasn't that long ago that Congresswoman Maxine Waters told people to harass President Trump and his supporters. She told Democrats to make it clear that anyone with ties to Trump be hounded out of gas stations, restaurants, and grocery stores.

But that call for violence, or just short of it, too was excused because breaking the law against President Trump is somehow okay.

I wonder what the line will be when President Trump is no longer president.

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