Air conditioning is sexist?

In 2019 it's apparently part of the patriarchy to suggest that a woman should put on a sweater.

Air conditioning has been declared sexist.

A number of writers in midtown Manhattan are chilly at work, so they naturally are blaming men.

The thinking is that because offices are temperature controlled by men/for men, the thermostat is therefore a tool of sexist oppression.

Never mind suggesting that women wear different clothes or pack a sweater. Nope. Air conditioning has to go.

This is the latest example of the snowflakery of 2019. Someone has a problem with something. As opposed to solving that problem, that person complains to the cosmos, waiting for someone else to step in. And after that, they blame their problem on their victim status.

That's how flags become racist, air conditioning becomes sexist, and a game for frat guys becomes a symbol of white power.

Listen to "Air conditioning is sexist" on Spreaker.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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