Does the Journal Sentinel understand the free market? Or just hate it?

We live in the golden age of buying stuff.

One click, and you can have almost anything from anywhere delivered to your house. Many times the next day.

But the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel thinks that's a bad the thing.

Milwaukee's paper of record wrote a screed this week that complains that malls in small towns across Wisconsin have emptied out.

The biggest worry from the author? That people have to leave town to shop, or turn to the internet,

The point of the free market is to make sure that shoppers have more choices and pay lower prices.

It is not the job of shoppers to spend more so that a worker at ShopKo can always have a job.

The shopping landscape in this country has changed over the past 20 years. And that cause closed thousands of stores.

But for every store that has closed, another option for shoppers has opened.

Instead of vilifying the free market and successful new businesses, the Journal Sentinel should perhaps look at what the market and those businesses have done to improve our lives.

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