Jeff Kowal and Jay Weber make sense of the so-called SECURE act

In this episode of the Kowal Investment Group podcast, Jeff Kowal and I talk about the so-called SECURE act.It is meant to make it easier for small businesses to provide a retirement plan for their employees.

The SECURE act, among other things, allows two or more unrelated employers to join into a pooled employer plan, making a retirement plan for their workers less expensive. It is a good idea, but the bill does include some significant changes that all of us saving for retirement should know about. For example, it increases the age at which you need to take mandatory distributions.

One of the great reasons to have a retirement expert working for you is pre-tax planning.You shouldn’t only be concerned with growing your retirement account, but also should be considering the tax you will incur as you take that money out and use it to fund retirement.

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