MKE Mayor Tom Barrett, DO SOMETHING about the dangerous driving


MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Aldermen Bob Donovan and Mark Borkowski held a news conference Wednesday, June 19 to demand Mayor Tom Barrett come up with a plan to solve what they called the city's "ongoing reckless driving and traffic safety crisis." The city leaders held a news conference at 27th and Forest Home Avenue a day after off-duty Milwaukee Police Officer Kou Her was struck and killed by a driver who witnesses said was speeding and ran a red light at 60th and Capitol.

"Driving in the City of Milwaukee has become increasingly dangerous, and we're also hear to tell you this: If you choose to drive in certain neighborhoods in the City of Milwaukee, you are literally placing your life at risk," Donovan said. "From Brown Deer, to College Avenue, to the Lakefront, to 100th Street, and all points in between -- speeding, red light running, reckless driving, is increasingly becoming the norm in this community -- and it must end."

The aldermen called upon Mayor Barrett to come up with a plan -- a plan they said should include restoring positions on the Milwaukee Police Department and assigning more officers to traffic enforcement.

The complete story here > ‘It must end:’ Aldermen demand action to solve what they call Milwaukee’s ‘traffic safety crisis’



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