Why do we still believe Robert Mueller?

In the United States of America you are guilty, or you are not guilty.

Being not, not guilty is not a part of it.

Robert Mueller ended his Russia collusion probe by telling reporters in Washington D.C. that his report never said the president didn't commit a crime.

Mueller's report never said the president committed a crime either.

Mueller's comments have reignited the conversation about impeachment.

But why do we believe Robert Mueller to begin with?

Is there anything that Mueller has done to show that he is an honest broker? That his intentions are pure?

We have more than enough evidence that Mueller is part of a corrupt Justice Department. That his colleagues worked to undermine President Trump's 2016 campaign. That Mueller is not a fan of the President.

What is more likely, that President Trump is a Russian spy, or that Mueller took two years to clear the president because he needed something to distract from the fact that the Obama Administration spied on their political opponents?

Mueller says read the report. We did. It shows the president is not guilty. Period.

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