They really do think less of us

There is a reason folks in New York call the Midwest fly over country.

The latest example of how our betters in New York or San Francisco view us here in the middle of the country comes to us from Politico reporter Sally Goldenberg.

She's now Twitter famous for complaining about the driving in Iowa, and the state's lack of almond milk.

But, besides coming across as out of touch, Goldenberg is giving voice to what folks on the coasts think of us.

We're hicks, rubes, rednecks, and worst of all probably Republicans.

Our friends on the Democratic left abandoned the middle of the county (outside of a few college towns and big cities) years ago. Now we know why journalists never called them out for it. Writers like Ms. Goldenberg don't think we're hip enough to warrant being cared about.

I don't imagine you will hear too much of that mindset when Democrats come to Milwaukee next summer.

Oh, they'll think it. They just might not say it. At least till after the election.

Listen to "They really do think less of us" on Spreaker.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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