The big lie of the climate change candidates

We all feel bad for the polar bears.

Most Americans care about the environment. More and more, polls say younger Americans are worried about climate change.

A number of the Democrats who are running for president say they care too. One, Jay Inslee from Washington, says he is the climate change candidate.

But he's lying. Inslee is lying about his plan to combat climate change.

Most Americans want a cleaner planet, but very few people want to spend $9 trillion and radically change everything from their home, to their car, to their job.

Instead of talking about how we can all work toward actually cleaning-up the planet, Inslee and the others are spouting nonsense about government spending and a ticking clock.

If we want a cleaner planet, we need to clean it up. That means using boats, and cars, and planes, and nuclear power plants to make this world better.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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