The SAT's 'Adversity Score' is racist and insulting

Getting into college is an absurd process.

Getting into a 'good college' is even worse.

The folks who run the SAT are intent on making it all worse.

The College Board this week announced an 'adversity score' which will give some students a bonus for living in a poor neighborhood, coming from and broken home, graduating from a failing high school.

Anyone want to guess who those students are?

Many people are rightly pointing out that this idea wouldn't so much help students who've faced 'adversary,' as much as it would punish students from stable homes and middle class neighborhoods.

But why? Why are we going to such lengths to 'even the playing field.'

Getting into college should be about aptitude. It should be about test scores and grades. It should be about whether students can do the work.

And there are already plenty of students from those adverse neighborhoods that have already proven they can.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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