I see you Justin Timberlake, and RAISE you Def Leppard!

Today is May 1st. So all over social media, the "It's Gonna Be May." memes appeared.

And*NSYNC will never letJustin Timberlake forget it.

To those who don't have that song stuck in their heads yet, allow me to educate you on the evolution of those infamous memes of Timberlake.

Back in Timberlake's boy band days, a meme was born from*NSYNC's song "It's Going To Be Me, The pop sensation added some flair to the 2000 hit when he sang "me" as "mayyy."

This time of year, the internet has never been the same since.

But as a HUGE fan of Def Leppard, THIS is the real deal!

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