Joe Biden's big lie about big labor

Joe Biden is telling the big lie about big labor.

Biden made his first campaign stop of the 2020 race for president at a union hall Tuesday.

He said that workers are under attack in the U.S. in 2019.

He's right, but about the wrong workers.

Biden said that union workers' right to organize is being threatened. He railed against Right to Work. And tried to rally against near-record low unemployment.

But Biden is missing the point.

It's workers who want freedom who are under attack. It's workers who want to work for themselves that need some help.

Biden's hatred for Right to Work is really just support for forced unionization. His fear that unions need help is just a call more government requirements that support the unions.

The fact is that more people are in government unions than private sector unions. But there are more people working in the private sector.

The big lie about big labor is that somehow unions need protections for their workers. In reality it's really workers who need protections from unions.

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