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via MacIver Institute by Ola Lisowski

Recently, the City of Racine sent out property tax bills to homeowners, as it does every year. This year, however, a new insert was included with the annual bills. That insert claimed that one-fifth of Racine’s property tax levy goes to private voucher schools. It’s inferred that property taxes have increased and that fewer dollars are flowing to public schools because of the area’s parental school choice program.

As Assembly Speaker Robin Vos wrote in a Sunday editorial in the Racine Journal-Times, the information in these flyers is incomplete and deeply misleading. The city lied to taxpayers under the guise of transparency, when really, the effort was little more than a smear campaign dedicated to spreading misinformation about the Racine Parental Choice Program (RPCP).

What’s more concerning, Gov. Tony Evers’ biennial budget proposal would have municipalities statewide include such information on local property tax bills. If municipalities across the state follow the Racine model of providing incomplete information to local property taxpayers, it will set a bad precedent for honest tax reporting.Ultimately, this effortamounts to a coordinated, intentional effort to mislead taxpayers and rally opposition against choice programs.

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