Meat matters

Why did John Dillinger rob banks? Cause that's where the money is.

Why are dairy producers, ranchers, and other farmers going to lawmakers to define milk, meat, cheese, and rice? Cause that's where the power is.

There is a lot to be said about food labeling, but at the core you have a select few trying to use government power to shape what is available (or at least what it's called) in supermarkets.

That, if you didn't know, is bad.

There is always an argument to be made for less government regulation and more personal freedom.

But there is also this. Nearly one in five workers in Wisconsin need permission from the government, better known as a professional license, to do their jobs. And the same kind of heavy handed politicking being used against the makers of almond milk or cauliflower rice can be used against them as well. It is not a big step for anyone in the status quo to use their power against your next good idea, or at the very least different business strategy.

Wouldn't you want your customers to be able to make up their minds on their own?

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