Beware of Beto

It doesn't take much to become President of the United States.

Jon Kennedy became president because he looked good on TV (and because of voter fraud in Chicago). Barack Obama became president by promising 'hope and change.' Donald Trump became president by not being Hillary Clinton.

Beto O'Rourke could be the next low-bar leader of the free world.

He announced his run for the White House Thursday. And, of course, a fawning media was happy to help.

But don't be fooled, O'Rourke is a serious threat to President Trump.

While most of the Democrats running next year are disqualifying themselves or trying to out Marxist each other, O'Rourke isn't saying much.

He is moderate enough for fly-over voters, but progressive enough for the coastal crazies.

O'Rourke is famous for losing a race for the U.S. Senate. He was by all accounts a back bench congressman. But that's his strength. He has done nothing to disqualify himself.

Barack Obama used the generic 'Hope and Change' to bamboozle voters. O'Rourke can do the same with his "born to be in it" line.

President Trump has a solid record of accomplishments (a booming economy, tax reform, peace with North Korea, etc) but he has to take O'Rourke's lack of accomplishments and abundance of nothingness seriously.

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