Santa can promise anything. Adults have to say No sometimes

Santa is wonderful. He will promise to bring you all sorts of toys and goodies. All you have to do is be a good little boy or little girl, and you're in luck.

Mom and dad are realistic. They know that someone will have to pay for all of the things that Santa promises.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers is traveling around the state, playing Santa Clause.

He is promising more money for roads, more money for local schools, more money for colleges and universities.

Where will this money come from? Magic elf dust (and over a billion dollars in tax increases.) But the governor doesn't tell the good little boys and girls of Wisconsin that part.

Instead, that's left to the adults in the Assembly in Madison.

But don't feel bad for Speaker Robin Vos and Senate leader Scott Fitzgerald, adults are used to saying 'No.' Because they have to be. And because while Santa can promise everything under the sun, the jolly man in the red suit has some trouble delivering from time to time.

Just like, I imagine, Governor Evers will have some trouble delivering on all of his promises.

Listen to "Tony Evers is playing Santa" on Spreaker.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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