Listen or Die

Someone is going to get shot.

That's not a threat or a 'promise.' It's simply a safe prediction.

If we continue to see the politician violence that we've seen over the past two years, someone is going to be shot.

I fear someone from the tolerant left will try and take the wrong person's MAGA hat, or campus radicals will pick a fight with the wrong person, or ANTIFA will finally stomp someone to death. All because they cannot listen to someone who has a different point of view.

We've always had debates in America. We've always had disagreements.

But where we used to disagree with someone's ideas a few years ago, there is a strain today that requires us to hate that person.

It makes sense, kinda. Colleges campus have gone from a forum to express ideas to an echo chamber where students don't hear anyone else's perspective.

Social media not only reinforces someone's political bubble, it allows people relative anonymity to lash out with bile and hatred.

And since 2016, America has been told that President Trump is evil. Literally (language alert). And that we must defeat evil by any means necessary.

If we cannot get back to a point where we can listen to one another, agree or disagrees, and do it without violence this country is headed to a dark and dangerous place. And, I fear, someone is going to die.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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