Republicans like the idea of school choice. And that's the problem.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers is counting on the idea that you love your kids' public school.

Evers, the former head of Wisconsin's schools, know full well how poorly public schools across the state are doing. He also knows that, for many families, a failing public school is the only choice.

That's why he is so confident in proposing to freeze school choice in the state.

The most vocal supporters of school choice are Republicans and conservatives. And they, by and large, like their kids' public schools.

That's the problem, conservatives in Brookfield think choice programs are great. But they wouldn't dare move their kids out of Elmbrook Schools. (I know this because that's where my kids go.)

For many school choice supporters the idea of vouchers or charter schools make sense as a policy, as an idea.

For many school choice parents, however, vouchers and charters are the only way their kids are going to succeed.

They are passionate about getting their kids into better schools. About giving them a better future. But they also, by and large, vote for Democrats.

That's why Governor Evers can be so confident.

It will only be when Republicans develop the same sort of passion for school choice that families who use the programs already have, or when school choice families start to vote Republican that school choice will be safe from the likes of the governor and his teachers' union cohorts.

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