David Clarke on Sheriff Lucas hiring John Chisolm's kid for $85K a year

Former Sheriff David Clarke on Sheriff Lucas hiring a 20yo son of John Chisolm's for $85,000 a year: Lucas should at least own the decision. Explain it to county residents. Why give a kid with no experience and no law enforcement value that sort of salary?

Clarke calls Sheriff Lucas's hiring of DA John Chisolm's son 'the worst type of political nepotism', and notes Chris Abele and the courthouse crowd are silent. There is no logical reason to give a 20yo with no law enforcement experience an $85,000 a year job Lucas invented.

I don't know what's worse-having a 20yo Ted Chisolm doing nothing for Sheriff Lucas and being paid $85,000/yr of taxpayer money...or if Chisolm actually-tries-to do the job & becomes a buffer between Lucas & his department captains and deputies. This is a slimy hired by Lucas.

Here's the clip of Clarke on with us this morning..

David Clarke on the Jay Weber Show

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