9 reasons Hillary Clinton would lose AGAIN

via Washington Examiner by Philip Klein 

Though it has been widely assumed that Hillary Clinton would not seek the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020, a few recent news items have challenged the assumption.

First, Clinton herself revived talk by saying recently "I’d like to be president" and that she would consider the idea of running again after the midterm elections. Then, former Clinton adviser Mark Penn wrote an op-ed appearing in the Monday print edition of the Wall Street Journal saying that she would run again.

Though any Clinton candidacy would attract a certain level of seriousness given her level of experience as a candidate, there are many reasons to believe that she wouldn't even make it past the primaries were she to seek the presidency for a third time. 

9) She'll be four years older.
8) She already squandered two leads in Democratic primaries. 
7) The Bill factor would be more troublesome in the "me too" era.
6) Clinton fatigue.
5) She won't have a lock on black voters.
4) She won't be the only woman in the field.
3) She's the only Democratic candidate who lost to Trump.
2) She has universal name recognition, and is behind in 2020 primary polls.
1) Clinton is even less popular now than when she lost to President Trump.

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