ELECTION FRAUD-Former Mil Co Supervisor Peggy West

via Fox 6 News by THEO KEITH

MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office has charged former county supervisor Peggy West with felony election fraud.

Milwaukee Police investigated the complaint referred from the Milwaukee County Ethics Board regarding nomination papers circulated and filed by West, police said late Thursday.

West lost re-election in her south side district to Sylvia Ortiz-Velez in April. Ortiz-Velez told FOX6 News by phone that she is “shocked.”

“You’re kidding me! Wow. This is the first I’m hearing about this,” Ortiz-Velez said.

Ortiz-Velez had filed an election complaint against West in January, alleging that West had improperly collected a number of her ballot signatures.

The complete story here> Former Milwaukee County Supervisor Peggy West charged with election fraud

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