An affordable flying car..but there is a problem!

A California start-up claims it has invented a flying car that anyone can fly..without a license! (you do need to take an FAA written exam, however)  It also claims the car will cost about as much a a sports car, so we're not talking hundreds of thousands of dollars.  But there are a couple of problems in my mind.  The first is the fact that the car has a very limited range, only about 25 miles! The second is it has a maximum speed of about 62 miles an hour! Oh, and it only seats one person, another big draw-back.   My imagination runs wild when I think of flying cars...but the ones I think of can travel at more than 100 miles an hour with a range of several hundred miles between fill-ups! They can also carry at least 4 people! But, hey, this might be a start, right? THE FIRST FLYING CAR..PROBLEMS AND ALL!


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