Sports fans can learn from the Japanese!

  Japanese soccer fans had reason to celebrate in Russia when their team defeated heavily-favored Colombia 2-1. After all, it was the first time Japan had EVER defeated a team from South America in a major competition!  As impressive as the win was, what followed was even more impressive, even to non-soccer fans! After celebrating their victory, the Japanese fans...hundreds of them...took out bags and began CLEANING the stadium!  The video is priceless, as was the reaction of other fans who could not believe what they were seeing.  And this isn't the first time Japanese fans have done this. Apparently when Japan lost in World Cup competition in Brazil, they did the same thing. Stayed behind after the game and cleaned the stadium.  Their example apparently prompted fans of the Senegal team to do the same thing days later, so perhaps there will come a day when Packer fans stay behind and help clean the trash from Lambeau Field! READ THE STORY, SEE THE VIDEO HERE


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