WTH Democrats? Foxconn is a good corporate neighbor


via Fox 6 Now by MYRA SANCHICK

MILWAUKEE — Foxconn Technology Group says it's investing in a $30 million recycling system that will significantly reduce the amount of water drawn from Lake Michigan for its planned manufacturing complex in southeast Wisconsin.

The Taiwan-based company is not required to do it, but will use a more environmentally-friendly system called "zero liquid discharge."

Foxconn Executive Louis Woo told FOX6 News it is important to Foxconn that Wisconsin stays as pristine as possible.

"The scenery, the living environment -- that could be very attractive, especially to the young generation of talents we may have lost to the West Coast because of Silicon Valley, or the East Coast because of the financial district," Woo said.

The complete story here > Foxconn investing in ‘zero liquid discharge’ recycling system, reducing need for Lake Michigan water


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