Kellogg ends operations in Venezuela

  For a while in Venezuela cereal was about the only food people could afford, but these days even a bowl of Corn Flakes is out of the financial reach of most Venezuelans thanks to rampant inflation, which is close to 14-thousand percent! Today one U.S. dollar will get you just under 70-thousand Venezuelan Bolivars.  That's why Kellogg has announced it is ending operations in that country effective immediately.  You would think this kind of news would jolt President Nicholas Maduro, but in true Socialist fashion his response has been "good riddance!"  Maduro says the company's operations have been turned over to the workers and he vows it will continue to be operated by the working class.  Yeah, right.  That tactic hasn't ever worked in Venezuela under Socialism and it won't work now.   Sadly, things will only get worse because these days the socialists have a virtual monopoly on power in Venezuela.  Past elections have been widely condemned by the rest of the world because Maduro jailed opposition candidates and in some instances there was no opposition candidate on the ballot!   READ ABOUT THE KELLOGG DECISION HERE


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