Explosive Eruptions Possible in Hawaii

  As if people living near Hawaii's Kilauea volcano don't already have enough trouble scientists at the USGA are now warning of the potential for "explosive eruptions" that could hurl pebble-size rock and debris miles away. If such an eruption takes place it could also lay down a layer of ash for several miles.     Such steam-driven eruptions can happen without warning. But that's not the worst news. The USGA also says there is the potential for even more violent eruptions from the volcano capable to sending boulders weighing tons up to a mile away from the crater. The attached picture is from the USGA and was made public so people would understand how these explosive eruptions occur. 

   Kilauea is the most active volcano in the world and has been in a state of eruption since 1983. So far in this latest eruption 15 new fissures have opened up allowing more lava to flow across surrounding land.


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