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WHY THE HELL WASN'T HE IN JAIL? Texas Shooter Escaped Mental Institution In 2012, Tried To Kill Superiors By Sneaking Guns Onto Base

Poll: Dem favorability drops to lowest point in 25 years

Report: Democratic challenger to Paul Ryan paid off delinquent child support

This is the week drivers typically hit the most deer on Wisconsin roads

Bice: Candidate Randy Bryce paid off delinquent child support after entering race against Paul Ryan

Byron York: Trump's 12 months of style clashing with substance


Fearful of alienating Trump voters, Democrats shift attacks to Paul Ryan in targeted districts

Just WOW: Ted Cruz reveals how Dems filibustered legislation that COULD have stopped Devin Kelley

The World's Highest-Paid TV Hosts: Dr. Phil, Ellen DeGeneres And Ryan Seacrest Lead


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