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Trump Jr.’s Meeting With Russian Lawyer Was a ‘Farce

McConnell delays start of Senate's August recess

If McConnell Can't Repeal Obamacare, He Should Quit And Let Someone Else Try

GWU Law Prof. Jonathan Turley on Trump Jr. Meeting A Russian: "For The Love Of God... This Is Not Treason"

Top U.S. general: No evidence that Islamic State leader is still alive

There Is Now Evidence that Senior Trump Officials Attempted to Collude With Russia 

House's EPA spending bill doesn't agree with Trump cuts but approves layoffs

House spending bill funds all of Trump's initial $1.6 billion border wall plan

Long live President Trumpopov!

Mexican illegal immigrant who has been removed from the US SEVEN times had 'drunk 12 beers and was driving at 100mph' when he crashed his van and killed a father-of-three


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