Despite Paris accord, G-20 countries invest four times as much in fossil fuels as green energy

Yanking Life Support From UK Baby Demonstrates Dangers Of Socialized Medicine

People Like The Senate Health Bill More Than They Realize — IBD/TIPP Poll

Ted Cruz: CNN May Have Broken The Law With Doxxing Threat

Krauthammer on North Korea: Administrations Have Kicked The Can Down The Road, And We're At The End Of The Road

‘Repeal now, replace later’ will kill the GOP’s health-care reform

Dems’ new pitch to voters: A ‘Better Deal

EPA cites ‘market realities’ in proposal to lower biofuels mandates

(FILES)- Picture taken 30 December 2006 shows a windfarm near Palm Springs, California. The Nobel-winning panel of world climate experts gathered in Spain 12 November 2007 to complete a key report as a top UN official warned failure to tackle global warmi


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